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Tea: A Hobby Of The Senses

I guess if you’re into good quality tea then there is a decent chance you are a foodie, A wine lover, into your cask ales and maybe you appreciate the odd dram every so often? Single malt of course 😉. The occasional cigar perhaps? It seems when you get into the world of good tea you start to figure out that these paths often cross. Why? Well, I think it’s definitely got to do with the love of the senses.

How many times have you attempted to introduce friends or family in to a well beloved item of your tea inventory and your restless anticipation of the ‘wow’ or Eureka moment you’re hoping to share….never comes. This person in front of you has had nothing but teabags their whole life. You try to burst that bubble and initiate that ‘layer cake’ moment by sharing a really special tea but you get a flat…very mediocre response to what should be an absolutely beautiful moment for their tastebuds. Annoying isn’t it? 😂some people just don’t share our enthusiasm for that blast to the senses! And that’s absolutely fine, I couldn’t pretend to share my love with a friend for model railway sets, cross country running or mumble rap, i’m just not built that way!

Picture below: An introduction to the world of tea can happen at the most funny moments! Peter tried one of our Oolong tea’s 6am at one of our epic annual Christmas parties! Incidentally Peter is a growing tea lover!

This is something I had to learn. When I first stumbled into the ‘proper tea’ world, I thought I could change the perception of many people around me by making them try a decent Oolong, green, black tea or whatever. Maybe slowly coax them into a Pu Erh? I could provide that Special moment, The awakening to the fact there is a shed load more interesting, tasty teas out there over and above what can be found in the local supermarket. I was kind of on a ‘one man mission’ to change their minds and educate those around me. To show them that tea can be very special and a great hobby that one can take a lot of satisfaction in exploring. It was myself that got educated to the fact that not everyone is built in the way that we are to appreciate the leaf. Don’t get me wrong, Some people I have introduced tea to have been bitten by the bug and that’s great! But True appreciation for our hobby is for the few not the many.

I’m sorry I’m about to use another wine world parallel! Connoisseur ship is the same in wine and probably many other areas. There are many people that enjoy to drink red wine And don’t really care one jot as long as it’s red and not too tannic. Then there are the wine , Connoisseurs, the guys who love to study the regions, the years, the chateau’s and will always serve at best temperature! It’s the same thing in IT world, here in the UK there are many people who love to drink for 5 cups of tea in a day and they are very happy that it’s brown with two sugars and a plop of milk.

Hey Ho more tea for us 👌

Do you share my thoughts here? I mean I don’t partake in a dram, in fact I detest the stuff. I really appreciate good food but I am no chef. But I hope you get my point, Have I got this right?

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  1. Oh yes… I agree it’s frustrating when you share your favourite tea with someone and all you get back is indifference. Then I make the mistake of trying to explain about Cha Qi, which really doesn’t help – they look at you like you’re crazy and say something like “but it’s only tea”. It’s their loss, but we have to keep trying to share the joy. And you have a fantastic selection of tea which is certainly giving me a lot of joy. William W.

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