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Organic Ants Nest Agarwood 🐜

Organic ants nest Agarwood

Agarwood is our favourite scent in all the world of aroma, and we are not alone either. It’s widely regarded as the best sent on earth and widely used in perfumery to create super high-end exotic scents. 

True Vietnamese Agarwood is the most popular for its honey and floral scent. Cultivated Agarwood comes from a very renewable source.  Aquilaria trees are drilled and inoculated with a fungus to ensure Agarwood oil production within the tree. Wild Agarwood is getting harder and harder to find, especially in Vietnam. These rare pieces command extremely high prices on the market and for good reason.  The aroma of true wild Agarwood is miles better than cultivated agarwood.  cultivated is still very very pleasant it’s just not as amazing as wild.

There is however a middle path…

Organic Agarwood you could call half wild, semi wild even and many will wrongly call it wild! organic Agarwood production is where a farmer will grow Aquilaria trees and and instead of drilling chopping and basically forcing the tree to submit into Agarwood oil production it is more gently coerced into doing so! These organic processes are long and tedious but the results if one decides to carry them out are better.

Ants nest Agarwood…

So in the 80s some bright spark in Vietnam decided he didn’t want to go through all this tedious organic processing any longer and instead relied on little critters to carry out the work on his behalf. In this procedure the ants are asked politely to make home inside these trees and fed A secret concoction to ensure Agarwood production within the trees while the ants are borrowing their tunnels inside. When the tree is attacked it will create the Agarwood resin as a natural defence.I found this absolutely fascinating that you can effectively create a mini ecosystem that is beneficial to both parties, that’s until the aunts nest is destroyed to take away the resin! Poor ants 🐜. The resulting structures of Agarwood after the bodies harvested can be very impressive I’m actually considering turning one of the structures into a conversation piece in my lounge. You can get hold of organic grade A,AA and AAA . We stock grade a and I can tell you the aroma is fantastic with lots of oil within. organic ants nest comes in at a real good price considering true wild Vietnamese ants nest Agarwood can cost 30 times more than the organic stuff.

Check the video below to see our A grade Vietnamese Ant nest bubbling away with oil!

Check our listing below. Please remember the best way to appreciate this wood is by use of a mica plate Placed on top of a white cold or even better, Subitism heater. I thoroughly recommend ants nest as a special treat during your tea sessions. Thanks for stopping by people, happy cupping!