Wild Malaysian Agarwood chips A+


Wild chips with a lovely scent

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Outside of Vietnam you can still buy wild Agarwood at agreeable prices! Malaysia is host to 4 of the 13 species of Aqilaria  Agarwood trees. This small batch is of high oil grade (A+). Agarwood collected from the forests of Malaysia. The scent is sweet, deep and long lasting. This particular batch has high oil content and patches of v high resin.

Use a mica plate for best results 👇👇👇

Mica Plate

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Agarwood Grades:

A++++ Soil Grade (wild,extremely rare)
A+++: Rare Sinking Grade (Wild,rare)
A++: Half Sinking Grade (wild)
A+:High Oil/ Resin, Good Smell
A: Medium Oil / Resin
B: Low Oil / Resin For Display, Collection
C: For Very low quality Powdering


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