Wild Malaysian Agarwood chips 1/2 sinking grade


Wild chips with a lovely scent


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Outside of Vietnam you can still buy wild Agarwood at agreeable prices! Malaysia is host to 4 of the 13 species of Aqilaria  Agarwood trees.

This batch is of half sinking grade. It has very high resin content, you can see the resin glistening in the light. If an Agarwood chip contains enough resin it will sink in water! Wild Agarwood collected from the forests of Malaysia. The scent is sweet, deep and long lasting. 1/2 sinking grade is more rare to find. Treat yourself?

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Agarwood Grades:

A++++ Soil Grade (wild,extremely rare)
A+++: Rare Sinking Grade (Wild,rare)
A++: Half Sinking Grade (wild)
A+:High Oil/ Resin, Good Smell
A: Medium Oil / Resin
B: Low Oil / Resin For Display, Collection
C: For Very low quality Powdering

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