Vintage Assam Incense Sticks


Made with matured Assam Oud Agarwood oil.


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We have been in search for some of the best incense available and we’re proud to say that we’ve partnered up with ‘Pure Incense’ to offer you the best Indian style sticks we’ve ever encountered!

If you’ve smelt the fragrance of Assam agarwood you’ll know of the character spicy notes. This stick is no exception, hand rolled incense with real matured Assam Oud Agarwood oil.

20 gram will contain anywhere between 14-22 sticks depending on the recipe. Burn time 60 mins. 20g orders will be boxed as pictured. 10g orders will be sent in a sleeve. All sticks hand rolled With devotion in India with some of the highest quality material and essential oils Available!

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