Spring 2019 Mother Bush Feng Qing Pine Needle Black Tea


Material taken only from the old bushes that made Feng Qing famous for Black tea!

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Fengqing in Lincang area of Yunnan has been famous for their pine needle Black tea for generations. Ever wondered why? Material that comprises this loose tea is taken only from the original mother bushes that made this area famous, there aren’t many of them! They are very old and more than likely Gushu. The flavour itself is on point, oily and balanced Black with a honey sweet finish but the texture of this tea is truly out of this world! The mark of a great tea in the eyes of the Chinese is usually it’s texture. Without a smooth mouthfeel any batch of tea would not be worthy of much recognition. This Black has texture in spades and like no other I have tasted, suuuuper smooth and  lubricating the throat. Its the gift that keeps giving too, the plump buds carry through the infusions effortlessly. The price may seem to be some what insane but priced similarly to a ⭐️ buX per session, for some of the best Black tea available = worth it! Experience the pinnacle of Yunnan Black tea production!


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