Spring 2019 Dehydrated Dan Cong Oolong


Milky, creamy and sweet.


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A new Green Dan Cong has hit the store! We only have limited supply of this one so it may not be around for too long!! Roasting is the traditional processing for a Dan Cong. The producer of this batch decided to have the tea dehydrated. The results are great. Creamy, milky and sweet. Gong fu is great but you may find the flavours pop a little better western style on this one. Give it a shot!? A great one for the flavour seekers. This ones on trial, if we get good feedback we will offer it again!

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  1. Joel (verified owner)

    I though I would give this tea a try, and I like it very much. It’s up there with the better green dan congs that I’ve tried (not that many, but I’ve tried some cheap ones and some expensive ones, and this is closer to the latter). It has a good full, sweet flavour, and a very nice and long-lasting huigan. I’m not sure what advantage the dehydration technique has, as opposed to more traditional drying, but I would say that it certainly hasn’t harmed the tea in any way. I would be strongly tempted to replenish my supply of this when it runs out – if it’s still available.

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