South Thailand Wild Agarwood (A+/A)


Herbal sweet with cocoa. A mixed batch of south Thailand Agarwood.

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Small batch. It’s common practice that hunters in this region would come across an Aquilaria tree in the wild that may or may not be naturally inoculated. They would ‘torture’ the tree by hacking or burning to encourage Agarwood to form naturally or inject spores in drill holes up the trunk. You can see here that ‘Wild’ can be used loosely these days as true wild is becoming harder and harder to find and is generally not sustainable. It is fair to say that this wood is most likely born of these methods highlighted above. The aroma is nice. Herbal sweet to start and moves to milky cocoa later. Mixed batch A / A+ chips.

Burn on a mica plate for best results! 👇👇👇

Mica Plate


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