Premium Spring 2018 Fujian ‘Jasmine White Fuzzy Buds’


Premium quality Fujian tiny hairy buds have been processed into white tea and coupled with jasmine flower to create this wonderful jasmine tea!


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Opting for a more premium example of jasmine tea will benefit the drinker with less bitterness and more acute jasmine notes! The Fuzzy spring buds provide a solid structure to the tea whilst the jasmine dominates with powerful flavour. The white buds will age gracefully and the jasmine flower does not lose any of its potency over time meaning this tea has a long shelf life! The bitterness is non existent if brewed gong fu at 90c. When brewing big teapot style the tea becomes strong with slight (manageable) bitterness if left to stew. A truly great example of a jasmine tea for all to enjoy!

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