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Discover the ancient scent of Peru!


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You will receive a mixture of small & large sticks weighing between 7g – 40g each.

AA Grade Palo Santo Incense Wood, Sustainably and respectfully Collected in Peru.

Palo Santo is a resinous Wood from Peru & other neighbouring regions. It has been regarded as a sacred wood for as long as anyone can remember. AA grade is wood that has been collected from fallen trees or branches and left to cure for a minimum of 5 years to let the resin crystallise and this amazing scent reveal itself properly.

The aroma is beautiful: Being a distant relative of the Frankincense tree ‘Boswellia Sacra’ the scent is reminiscent of Frankincense but is more deep and rich with butter and vanilla. A truly wonderful scent that will hang in the air, perhaps for days!

Interesting fact: Palo Santo is extremely high in oil content. When perfumists distill the oil from this wood they always wait till a full moon. The wood will always yield much more precious oil around this time! How and why? No ones sure.

How to use? It’s very simple! Simply light the end of one stick until it’s alight, blow out and enjoy the sacred smoke! The stick will usually go out within 20-30 seconds. These sticks burn very slowly and 1 stick will last many sessions!

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