Exclusive Peruvian Palo Santo Chips


Premium Palo Santo cut into session ready pieces.


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This could be the best palo Santo you’ve ever tried! We were very lucky enough to have been offered some very premium Palo Santo material. Only 1.7kg of this batch. We personally selected two logs to be cleaned properly and all the dead was to be removed. This was a little bit of a gamble as we were not entirely sure exactly how go to the product might be. We were delighted to find some particularly highly Aromatic wood inside. Put simply this is the best Palo Santo we have ever had in. We personally cut these chips from these very logs. The chips are damp with oil and piercingly potent at room temperature! On the subitism heater this wood puts out a deep, long lasting and complex Palo Santo scent! A fabulous smoke out! Palo Santo works well at high and low temperatures but personally I like to keep it central dial at medium heat. You can use this wood on coal with a mica sheet for good results also, please wait for coal to form white ash.

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