Organic Vietnamese Agarwood chips (Oud) Grade A+


Natural inoculation, mimicking wild trees.


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  • 100% genuine Vietnamese agarwood 
  • Aquilaria Crassna Species 
  • Organic semi wild aroma

Agarwood is widely regarded as the king of incense. Oil from this wood is used to make a highly prized Oud perfume. This perfume can be sold and used neat in small vials or added to other high end fragrances at a ratio of between 3-6%. some Agarwood and oud oil is valued much higher than gold per gram.

This is Organic agarwood. In most cases given the appearance, these chips would be sold as ‘Wild’. 10 year old trees are nailed to create small wounds and are left to be naturally inoculated. This process that mimics nature takes years, a lot longer than traditional cultivation methods. The resin that eventually forms is a step towards ‘wild aroma’ compared to cultivated. True Vietnamese Aquilaria Crassna agarwood.

Simply burn a small amount 0.1g or more with an instant charcoal or via a naked flame. The heavenly scent is musky, primal and can linger for days. The best naturally occurring wild agarwood has fallen from the trees on its own accord and is gathered from the forest floor. This is called ‘soil grade’ and is very rare, old, sinking in water and extremely resinous! Cheaper agarwood is farmed and harvested to feed the expanding market and improving sustainability. Different cultivation techniques and the time that Agarwood is left to form on a tree will also impact on its quality and resin/oil percentage.

This is a cultivated offering ‘grade A+’ which is a great for every day burning.

The best way to burn agarwood see our blog

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Agarwood Grades:

A++++ Soil Grade (wild,extremely rare)
A+++: Rare Sinking Grade (Wild,rare)
A++: Half Sinking Grade (wild)
A+:High Oil/ Resin, Good Smell
A: Medium Oil / Resin
B: Low Oil / Resin For Display, Collection
C: For Very low quality Powdering 

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