Loose Leaf Agarwood Tea Agarwood Gaharu Leafs


A rare find! Great health benefits and a restful sleep.


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A rare opportunity to taste this leaf, very unknown in the west. Agarwood leaf Has been used for medicinal purposes for as long as anyone can remember. It is said that this leaf will aid sleep and offers lots of benefits to the body. anti-ageing effects due to its content of Vitamin E Decanoic acid and anti oxidants. It is believed to help lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels and to be effective against digestive problems and has a slight laxative effect. Reducing pain and inflammation. It is very safe to drink with no unwanted side effects.

Agarwood leafs from a plantation in Khanh Hoa province Vietnam, we buy direct from them! The taste is a quite pleasant mushroom note with balanced bitterness + astringency. Perfect brew for the evening time! Zero caffeine 👍.

You can brew this tea (Gong Fu) with a gaiwan or western style (large teapot). If bring Western-style try not to let the water sit on the leaf for too long unless you like it super strong! Around 3g needed or one rolled leaf serving or around 1g per 150ml water.

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