Sinai Agarwood Chips


A wood that has been soaked in resin to be burnt as incense.


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Sinai or (improved, bathed wood). This wood has been bathed in resin and or had resin injected into the wood under high pressure. The resin has now soaked its way through out all the wood. This ‘improved’ wood is popular in the Middle East in areas such as Saudi Arabia where people like to have sessions twice a day or more. Burning Wild Agarwood in these places are reserved for the rich, weddings and special occasions only. We sourced this wood in Bali.

With improved wood you are entirely at the mercy of whatever recipe of resin has been used. The aroma here is effectively Maroke / Merauke Aquilaria Filaria Agarwood from Indonesia. Earthy, herbal and deep. Merauke is the cheapest form of true Agarwood and is readily available hence it makes economic sense to be able to offer this bathed wood at this price. The scent is mysterious and lingering but will not awe you like the higher grades!


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