’Higher’ Vietnamese Agarwood Incense Sticks 1.8g


The true aroma of Vietnamese agarwood captured in a stick!

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  • 1.8g (12 sticks per tube)
  • Burn time 15 mins
  • The true scent of Vietnamese agarwood!

Made with high grade cultivated Vietnamese Aquilaria Crassna agarwood chips. A great experience with sweet and floral Agarwood scent but not as deep as our ‘Superior Grade’ sticks. Made with nothing but agarwood and makko (natural binding agent). One pack is 1.8g or 12 sticks. These sticks might be small but they pack a punch! All you need to fill the room with the amazing scent of pure, unadulterated agarwood at a low ‘price per session’ cost! Each stick will have a burn time of around 15 minutes. A wonderful sweet, rich and floral agarwood scent. The material that comprises these sticks are 100% cultivated Agarwood from Binh Phuoc in Vietnam and we buy direct from the plantation.


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