V2 Malaysian Agarwood incense Sticks


The wonderful deep rich aroma of Malaysian Agarwood!

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  • Length of sticks: 7.5cm
  • total sticks per pack 8
  • burn time roughly 20 mins
  • Total weight 1.7g per tube
  • 77.5% Malaysian Agarwood / 22.5% makko Mix

This 2nd batch of sticks are made with a more resinous Malaysian cultivated agarwood. A much more deep scent compared to the V1. An unmistakable fruity agarwood scent!

77.5% Malaysian Agarwood / 22.5% makko Mix
Made by hand, in house by us using nothing but this batch of Malaysian Agarwood and a touch of makko powder to bind it together! We ground this batch of Malaysian Agarwood to dust by hand and extruded these fabulous Agarwood sticks for your pleasure. They are quite brittle so be careful when handling, just light with a match, blow out the flame and enjoy! The scent is very deep, mystical and vanilla natured. The aroma is fairly powerful, it will linger for ages. This is a limited production, we only had 30g of wood to play with from this batch. We make them in our spare time.


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