Gulab Rose Attar


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100% natural with no synthetics. Simply made with Ruh Gulab rose and wild Timor sandalwood oil.

Ruh Gulab from the hasayan region India. (Rosa Damascena). To produce 1kg of this oil takes 4 tons of petals!

Originally I was torn between the buttery depth of wild Java and the bright top notes of wild Timor sandalwood oil to use with this gulab. After many swipes over many weeks and some blind testers opinions I settled for the Timor as it seriously strengthens the top notes. It’s the right move. The Java, although deep and harmonious with the gulab, dulled it. With the Timor, it sings!

A bright floral rose hits you on application, it’s this clear and vivid rose aroma that gulab is known for and that the wild Timor is highlighting for us. Later the oil opens up a broader, deeper aromatic spectrum of rose. Wonderful 🌹

An attar is a blend of aromatic oils meant to be used on the body like a perfume. Our attars contain no synthetics of any kind, 100% natural ingredients!

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