Gaharu Buaya Agarwood incense chips


A resinous wood found in the swamp areas of Indonesia

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‘Gaharu Buaya‘ literally meaning crocodile Agarwood is a resinous wood taken from the Aetoxylon tree found in the swamp areas around Indonesia. The trees that grow wild are fairly abundant although searching for them can prove slightly dangerous with those snappy crocks lurking around! These wood chips originate from ‘Kalimantan‘ a small island off Borneo. Gaharu Buaya Is a debatable subject among perfumists. Some deem it to be the lowest of all Agarwood and others see it not worthy as Agarwood at all! In any case, it’s a highly aromatic wood when burned with an abundance of resin bubbling away. ‘Gaharu Buaya‘ resin is used in ‘Sinai’ (fake Agarwood), great to test for educational reasons. Sweet and woody, slightly swampy with a hint of Agarwood! A single chip would weigh anywhere between 1.5g to 4g.

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