‘Farmers Choice’ Vietnamese Cultivated Agarwood Bracelet


More resin and scent!

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  • More resin in the wood
  • More scent
  • Darker appearance
  • 12mm beads
  • Total weight 7g
  • Around 18 beads per bracelet
  • Genuine Aquilaria Crassna agarwood
  • A light honey wood agarwood scent

Using a higher graded wood with more resin and scent compared to our other Agarwood bracelet.

Made from infected Vietnamese Aquilaria Crassna Agarwood trees of 10 years with 2 years of wounding process. Some of these bracelets can go for thousands of pounds, and rightly so! Resin is formed when the tree it attacked by burrowing insects or cultivated by using nails and other instruments. The resin is very aromatic and used in small amounts in high end perfumes or chips can be burned as incense. Agarwood is an extremely scarce commodity that can command very high prices. The scent from these beads may not be as warm and pungent as the more expensive bracelets but at this price you won’t find anything better or more genuine! Crafted from material harvested from a Binh Phuoc plantation, Vietnam. We’ve purchased these and other Agarwood products direct from this plantation. You can see from the appearance that this is unmistakably Agarwood, only Agarwood will have this unique pattern to the wood. The dark patches are the tracks of resin within the wood.



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