‘Daily’ Vietnamese Agarwood Incense Sticks 10g


Budget friendly sticks for everyday use!

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  • 10g (roughly 45 sticks)
  • Cultivated Vietnamese Agarwood 
  • Burn time around 30 mins

It can be a challenge to create a good Agarwood stick at this price point but this just might be it!

Material used 100% Vietnamese Aquilaria Crassna agarwood. Machine made sticks comprising of post distillation spent cultivated Vietnamese Agarwood material and some unspent cultivated Agarwood. Using the wood that has had most of the oil released from it to make oud (Agarwood oil) creates more of a background scent with less top notes compared to our higher grade Agarwood sticks. That being said, this is a grounding Agarwood experience at a price point that makes a great choice for daily use.

We buy direct form the farm that cultivates this agarwood.


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