Borneo Wild Agarwood chip 0.7g


Truly wild, old stock Borneo Oud.

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0.7g piece. Wild agarwood chip from Borneo island. This is an old stock collection piece. This chip is deep with oil and highly resinous. An amazing treat!

We sourced these chips from a collection lot. These are old pieces collected years ago. The aroma of the wood is a wonderful wild Agarwood. When burnt there is a good scent. Cultivated agarwood will have an aroma that isn’t as potent or complex as wild. You will notice the difference!

Agarwood is an amazing scent from Asia. Resin from the Aquilaria tree is created when the tree is attacked by a fungus. This can take place by burrowing insects in the wild or intervention by man in a whole manner of ways. The aroma varies on origin of the trees and the grade of wood.

To use these chips it’s best to heat on a mica plate or mica sheet over a candle or by use of a Subitism heater.

Always wild, genuine pieces, nothing but natural bliss!


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