Wild Ambon Agarwood Incense Sticks


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  • 10g (roughly 45 sticks)
  • Burn time around 30 mins
  • Made only with wild agarwood¬†

Small batch, 80g only in stock.

Incense sticks crafted in Taiwan made of only Ambon agarwood and a touch of makko powder to bind together! 10g tubes + 5g tubes. 10g will roughly be around 45 sticks. The aroma is strong,sweet and long lasting. Ambon makes part of the Maluku islands in eastern Indonesia and the wood of this region has its own signature sweetness. There is no agarwood cultivation in this region.

Agarwood is an amazing scent from Asia. Resin from the Aquilaria tree is created when the tree is attacked by a fungus. This can take place by burrowing insects in the wild or intervention by man in a whole manner of ways. The aroma varies on origin of the trees and the grade of wood.

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10g, 5g


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