‘5 Regions’ Yiwu Gushu Mao Cha


A powerhouse of Chi. True Yiwu area Gu Shu.

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We were lucky to be able to have sourced this incredible Mao Cha. The material is a blend of Gu Shu from 2016-2017 of these 5 exclusive regions of Yiwu:

  • Guafengzhai
  • Dingjiazhai
  • Mahei
  • Gaoshan
  • Tongqinghe

True Gu Shu material from these regions currently carry a very hefty market value. This tea isn’t cheap, so what can you expect at such a high price tag? You’d expect something special, one way or another. The dried leaves have a fair aroma of apricot fruit. Flavour is typical Yiwu, sweetness, mineral notes, a sweet aftertaste that carries and a smooth consistency. That’s all good! It’s the feeling of this tea that’s truly special. This tea holds a powerhouse of Chi, something you should notice by the first cup. Mrs G (previously a Chi skeptic) had never felt Chi before our tasting with this tea in Guangdong. The feeling itself is extremely meditative, not harsh or energetic but quite aggressive and forceful in its relaxing nature. Simply put, the most intoxicating Cha Chi experience we have ever encountered.


  1. lee (verified owner)

    Like Ollie says, this tea tastes exactly as you’d expect Yiwu area tea to taste, lovely long lasting stone fruit aftertaste. Smooth mouthfeel and returning sweetness, great!
    The body sensation is very grounding and this tea makes your mind very calm and focused. Is it worth £1.20 a gramm? Get 10 gramms and decide for yourself 😆

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