2023 Spring Yunnan Silver Bud White Tea


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For years I ignored Yunnan White tea. I just hadn’t tried the right ones! The perils of tasting lower echelon tea productions! Anyway, forward in time we wanted a solid Yunnan White to offer. Chosen from many, this batch shon out.

This is entirely 2022 Spring Yunnan White tea buds. Yunnan white tea is more robust than Fujian, this is its strength, it’s a very different experience to Fujian. What these buds provide is an instant sweetness and complex honey, pollen, florals from sip 1.  Fullness of flavour, mouthfeel, general structure and smooth texture. A  complex aftertaste is very apparent. This is a white tea done right!

Don’t be afraid to add a good amount of leaf and push out, you will be rewarded.

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