2022 Spring V2 ‘Kitty Brew’ Kun Lu Shan Puerh Tea Cake


Great structure and future promise, meow!

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V2: this tea has spent 2 years aging in Guangdong for further development!

Kunlu mountains from Simao, Yunnan. This is a mixed farm blend 100% Kun Lu material. Mixed leaf 30-60 year old tree.

Whiffs of ripe stone fruits in the warm gaiwan.  Aroma of red currents, very akin to aged white tea of the rinse. This is a pungent tea, you will notice the fruity layers hanging in the air every whilst making every infusion!

In the cup: A comforting smooth and soft structure. Colour is a turning yellow. During early infusions those ‘white tea vibes’ apparent on the rinse come back to haunt you slightly in the aftertaste. The red current, stone fruit deepens later on and appears on the frontal flavours. This tea still has guts, when pushed it will still show some bitterness but what is very noticeable is the structure homogenising gracefully. A medium, energetic/chilled chi to boot. Delightful!

This tea really lends itself to ageing, especially careful Guangdong ageing. it’s got a great structure which makes this tea is a delight right now and it’s just going to improve very well into the future!



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1 Tong (7 cakes), 100g, 10g, 200g Cake, 25g, 50g


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