2021 ‘Decadence’ Wild Manipur Oud



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100% Wild Manipur  Oud

0% barn. No soak processing

‘Decadence’ 2021 no soak distillation of wild Manipur oud:
An absolute delight of a Hindi oud. A delicate, indulgent, sweet and creamy Oud experience. Your greeted with a strong hit of marzipan upon application which recedes into vanilla ice cream on the dry down. Skip dessert and wipe up! Pure ‘Decadence’. This delightful oud will grow over the years with more complexity. Small batch with limited supply. Once it’s gone, it’s gone gone, 4Eva!

100% wild oud here, no exceptions!

Many Ouds will have the agarwood material left soaking before distillation. This process will add strength and longevity to the oil alongside a very noticeable change in character. Leather, barnyard and in extreme cases blue cheese. The longer the  soaking the more pronounced these changes will be. The style of this oil forgoes these  deeper notes for a more bright, pure, sweet, brilliant and pronounced mid-base note. Perfect oil for those that seek the pure and clean scent of oud.

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