2020 Winter ‘Super Guru Grade’ Fujian (Tie Guan Yin) Oolong


Super fresh super TGY!


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‘Super Guru Grade’ TGY. We have limited supply (600g) of this high calibre Tie Guan Yin. Deep green leaf. Everything about this tea is deep and green!

Pungent green aroma from the dry leaf and complex deep fresh green scent from the rinse…this ones a green style TGY! A super silky soft mouthfeel with a flavour forward character. The flavour builds to a deep and rounded fresh green TGY taste. Im a Chi lightweight, that being said I do notice low amounts of energy within this tea. Chi in a TGY? tea never ceases to amaze me.Freshly sourced from Fangcun Tea Market (Guangdong).

This is one of china’s most popular teas right now. Minimal processing creates this tea’s brilliantly fresh and green taste. The perfect introduction into Oolong’s!

This Anxi Oolong is from the famous tea Region of Fujian Province and comes under many guises. Iron Buddha, Tie Guan Yin, Iron Goddess of Mercy. Minimal processing creates this tea’s brilliantly fresh and green taste. Highly sought after representations command big prices but this ‘every day’ version is clean, refreshing with great TGY taste at a great price tag!

This tea being minimaly processed is susceptible to loss of flavour if not stored in the correct manor. Upon receiving and after opening, take care to seal as best you can from air and moisture. Learn how to brew Oolong, Chinese method on our blog

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