2020 Winter ‘Night Blossom’ Dan Cong


A deep and sweet aroma of jasmine,tangerine and sugared almond


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If there were to exist an illicit love child between our Cape Jasmine & Almond Fragrance Dan Cong, this would be it! Not as expressive as the Cape Jas, not as relaxed or sweet maybe as Almond but this ‘Night Blossom’ will capture the balance between both of these teas very well for many.

A fairly rare tea, not much is processed but it still remains popular to western vendors, go figure!? This expression of Dan Cong has been grown in the Phoenix mountains for centuries. ‘NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE’ ‘YE LAI XIANG DAN’. The name comes from the nocturnally blooming Tuborose flower which apparently this tea’s flavour does a very good job at replicating. A claim that we cannot attest too! 

A deep and sweet aroma of jasmine,tangerine and sugared almond off the wet leaf. All aroma notes comes out in flavour very well with a nice veil of sweetness. A light snap of bitterness & astringency, all in all this tea is more relaxed than other Dan Congs. Texture is fairly smooth.

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  1. Szilard (verified owner)

    It is a fragrant flowery dancong, very much jasmin aroma, no astringency, very strong aroma and hui gan, if you push it it has a hint of bitterness in the background just underlining the fragrance, very sweet too, the aroma cup smells like a flower shop, I have tried all the dancong offerings and this is in my top 3 list along with almond frangrance and old bush honey orchid.

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