2021 Autumn ‘Duck Shit Aroma’ Dan Cong Oolong


Light roasted note coupled with exotic fruits such as papaya and a balanced and tingly astringency.


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Don’t worry, the tea doesn’t smell of duck shit & no ducks were harmed in the making of this tea!

Dan Cong is a fascinating and truly unique Oolong varietal from the Phoenix mountain range, Guangdong China. The name ‘Ya Shi Xiang’ comes from the yellow brown colour of the soil in this area. Farmers would tell their neighbors that they used duck shit as fertiliser to keep them from trying to muscle in on this very unique and special tea!

This is a greener or ‘light roast’ Dan Cong and as such storage in the longer term is important to keep the flavour from waining. We source all our tea from vendors who keep the tea refrigerated and we also do the same while storing the tea before we send them out to customers. Cheaper examples of Dan Cong will offer low amounts of flavour and high amounts of astringency. We have carefully selected this tea to offer a solid Da Cong experience!

The roast really helps push out this teas fragrance and flavour. The aroma is a complex light roast with exotic fruits. Flavour wise expect a light roasted note coupled with exotic fruits such as papaya and a balanced and tingly astringency.

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  1. zrnkii

    Hello all. I’m drinking this dan cong as I write. I love good Dan Cong but it’s difficult to find a really good one. This one is mind blowing or I should say senses blowing! It’s soooo fragrant…super “perfumy”. You can get teas that smell just amazing but the smell is just not in the cup. This one is that special one. Smell is amazing but in the cup is even better! I can smell and taste tropical flowers, orchids and that sweetness of jasmine! This might be one of the best Dan Congs I’ve ever had. Thanks a lot Oli!!! Amazing

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