2018 Spring (Higher Grade) Lighter Roast Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea


A great example of a solid Da Hong Poa with deep roasted leathery notes!


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In this solid example of a medium roast Da Hong Pao you can expect high amounts of deep roasted leathery and spicy aroma that carries over the infusions. Smooth texture that offers a comforting mouth feel. The flavour is deep and roasted with a satisfying leather/spice finish. The roast shows no obvious flaws. A lighter roast is more often preferred when processing higher end DHP to let the more subtle nuances shine through.

A DHP can these days be regarded more as a style of tea that could actually be one of many varietals. Cheap DHP could even be a blend of many. The specific varietal of this DHP is ‘Qi Lan‘ or ‘Strange/Rare Orchid’.A true DHP is a tea from the Wiyu mountain range in Fujian Province and is famous for its ‘rock taste’. It’s a mineral citrus note, people say you can “taste the rock”. You can see why people go nuts for this tea and every tea loving sentient being needs to try a GOOD DHP, they really are exceptional teas! A great Da Hong Pao Oolong should offer a deep leathery roasted flavour while being fairly smooth with no imperfections in the roast. This is an excellent example that fits this description! True DHP originates from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujain Province and is an extremely sort after tea inside China. True ‘Rock’ oolongs from WuYi mountain command a very high price (£50 per 100g & up) due to massive demand for teas of this area. This particular DHP Oolong is from Fujian province.

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