2018 Mengku Tea Factory ‘Spring Tips’ Puerh Tea Cake


a spritely offering from this famouse tea factory.


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Mengku area 2018 spring material. The ‘Mengku Tea Factory’ is a fairly large outfit that prides itself in not only its material but also its processing. Using fresh mountain water as part of its processing gives the tea its “special taste”. Part of the processing is done in the mountainous regions from where this material derives from, instead of a big factory environment where the tea can become laden with smoke particles. When I blind tasted this offering, I assumes the ‘Spring Tips’ to be of a higher than budget caliber actually, although the price point suggests differently.

Fairly strong bitterness and astringency that carries. Light front flavour, almost pure and delicate without being too strong in nature. Light vegetal aftertaste, subtle mineral notes. slight mouth pucker. Slight energetic chi. Overall a stronger but nicely balanced Mengku.

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  1. Martin

    Ooh, this one’s potent! Quite astringent, which is good, and sometimes unforgivingly bitter if you brew a bit too long, which is a challenge. But it’s worth it for the punchy taste. Lots on the citrus and zest front, allowing for an energetic session.

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