2019 Spring Fujian (Tie Guan Yin) Oolong ‘Definition Grade’


Fresh, sweet tasting every day tea that works great in a big teapot or Gong Fu!


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A ‘Definition Grade Tea ‘ indicates a solid level of what a certain tea should taste like, without flaws, at a good price. We’re so happy to be able to offer this TGY at such a great price. Freshly sourced from Fangcun Tea Market (Guangdong) this TGY is very fresh tasting with sweet, slightly milky front and lingering taste. Perfect for everyday drinking.

This is one of china’s most popular teas right now. Minimal processing creates this tea’s brilliantly fresh and green taste. The perfect introduction into Oolong’s!

This Anxi Oolong is from the famous tea Region of Fujian Province and comes under many guises. Iron Buddha, Tie Guan Yin, Iron Goddess of Mercy. Minimal processing creates this tea’s brilliantly fresh and green taste. Highly sought after representations command big prices but this ‘every day’ version is clean, refreshing with great TGY taste at a great price tag!

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  1. jonmmpar (verified owner)

    What a magnificent Tie Guan Yin – Buttery creaminess, long after taste in the mouth
    many infusions. If Im not careful I could go off on a long rant here so I’ll just simply say…
    THE best TGY I have tasted in a long time – Had to immediately order a 2nd batch!
    Brilliant find from Oli 🙂

  2. jonmmpar (verified owner)

    Forgot to say, there is an extraordinary sweetness as well. Exquisite!

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