2017 Shixiang ‘Ice Sugar Heart’ Wild Bush Shou Mei White Tea Cake


Pungent fruity aroma, vibrant with soft and smooth mouth feel.


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White tea is having a BIG marketing push these days in China. President ‘Xi Jinping’ is a massive fan, serving up top end White tea to associates & foreign dignitaries during breaks. ‘Shixiang’ is widely considered one of the leading brands of White tea in China. The ‘Ice Sugar Heart’ cake is wild bush Shou Mei grade material, trees of around 30+ years. Being a fresh tea it’s still vibrant. Slight sweetness with encouraging signs of fruit coming through. White tea can be aged, aging will result in a much more fruity, sweet and expressive tea! This tea should be kept at 60-70 RH for best future potential.

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100g, 20g, 50g, 300g cake


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