2017 Haiwan ‘Good Tea For Everyone’ Ripe Puerh Tea Cake


A premium blend of 2017 & more aged Menghai area material.


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The present director of Haiwan tea factory spent nearly two decades overseeing the wet piling processing for Dayi. This cake is a premium offering. Comprising of both 2017 and more aged Menghai area material. The tea does a great job at being both fully flavoured and elegant at the same time. Having a smooth broth and a sweet creamy nature with a nice amount of power behind it. a very satisfying Ripe indeed. Watch the video below and give it a whirl!

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50g, 100g, 25g, 357g Cake



  1. Shu-maniac

    It’s malty and has barley notes! A decent ripe, on a reasonable price.

  2. Gemma Wright (verified owner)

    I’m quite the shu hound, and so I’m always ready to buy myself a bag of “budget” tea whilst saving up for a well-loved treasure. Trying new tea is never a bad thing to be doing, after all.

    I am definitely very happy with this creamy, malty tea. It puts a smile on my face, and it’s the ideal tea to help introduce my tea-curious friends to good shu puer. I’m definitely getting a cake next time I feel like treating myself to something not too pricey!

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