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100% Pure Trat Thai Oud

Barnyard 4/10

People say that Trat is the ‘go to’ Oud for newcomers. So here it is!
Candy sweet with stewed/ripe fruits, leathery, complex and deep. I recently tested out a series of samples and found myself returning to Trad time and time again. This Oud is made of cultivated agarwood material from Trad area in Trat on the Thai / Cambodian boarder. The extra fermentation helps drive the aroma forward, adds depth and creates great longevity, it can last 12 hours on the skin. The barn is here but it’s restrained making for a strong, sweet, fruity and leathery Oud.

What is Oud?
Oud is a luxury oil used and Imitated in many high end perfumes. As well as being diluted into attars and perfumes it is also a wonderful scent that can be admired neat. Oud aroma will vary depending on region , species variant of tree and oil processing. Oud is an oil made from the distillation of agarwood. Agarwood AKA Aloeswood, gaharu, Oud Wood is a resinous wood native to many areas of Asia. it can be found in some ‘Aquilaria’ species of tree. Parts of the tree would have been infected by a fungus via cuts or burrowing insects. After while the tree secretes a resin to protect the spread of this fungus. This oily resinous wood has a beautiful aroma that has been admired for millennia!

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