2016 ‘Mr Bumble’ Ban Po Lao Zhai Early Spring Gushu Raw Puerh Cake


A silky tonic water consistency with herbal / floral aftertaste.


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Gushu material from trees 150-300 years old from Ban Po Lao Zhai area of Nan Nuo. This tea can be very brash if pushed right now, stick to 5 second infusions. There is a very welcome tonic water consistency, it almost feels as if the tea is slightly carbonated!   Sweet aroma at first rinse. Vegetive front end with a herbal / floral aftertaste that appeares from infusion 3. We had the delight of tasting the 2013 version of this tea. It was quite different with a savoury syrup sweetness. This tea has the structure to turn into something wonderful but is still an exciting tea to drink now.

All cakes are airbrushed by us using food grade paint. All cakes are numbered.

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