2016 ‘Lollipop’ Cambodian Oud



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  • 100% Wild Indonesian Oud
  • 0% barn. No soak processing


100% Pure Cambodian Oud
Barnyard 0/10

2016 Wild Cambodian Koh Kong
On application your greeted with a sweet blast of honey nectar and a very light animalic leather. Dry down is candy shop sweetness and fruity berries. A light layer of (old leather sofa) animaliX make a second appearance later on which couples with the sweetness nicely. No barn, generally light and fruity with some savoury complexity.

What is Oud?
Oud is a luxury oil used and Imitated in many high end perfumes. As well as being diluted into attars and perfumes it is also a wonderful scent that can be admired neat. Oud aroma will vary depending on region , species variant of tree and oil processing. Oud is an oil made from the distillation of agarwood. Agarwood AKA Aloeswood, gaharu, Oud Wood is a resinous wood native to many areas of Asia. it can be found in some ‘Aquilaria’ species of tree. Parts of the tree would have been infected by a fungus via cuts or burrowing insects. After while the tree secretes a resin to protect the spread of this fungus. This oily resinous wood has a beautiful aroma that has been admired for millennia!


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