2015 ‘Disco Biscuit’ Yiwu ‘Man Sa’ Old Arbor Raw Puerh Tea Cake


An elegent offering from Yiwu. Sweet with eggshell mineral notes.


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We’re proud to have recently sourced this wonderful 200g cake. Traditionally pressed. Man Sa Mountain lies east of Yiwu. The material of this cake is Autumn ‘Da Shu’ at least 80 year old. Perfect processing makes this an elegent tea in texture and flavour, like most of Yiwu Raw. Expect a mineral rich and sweet aroma. The flavour is also fairly sweet with mineral notes of eggshell or oyster shell. A very charming tea and a complete bargain at this price!

All cakes have been stamped by us and design may not be an exact depiction from picture shown. All cakes are numbered, 25 cakes in total from this batch! Is there a number you would like? Leave a comment to us in your order and we will try and get it to you!

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