2014 ‘Boomer’ Mengku Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake 100g


Soft and balanced with slightly sweet/fruit aroma.


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Material selected from a small family estate in the Mengku area. Most likely Autumn tea. Aroma of slight sweetness and fruit. The broth is clean and balanced with low bitterness and a touch of minerality. A great everyday tea! A cute little yellow ribbon adorns the traditionally pressed cake.

The 2011 Mengku Boomer 💥 is not an artisanal tea by any stretch. Time is bringing out more of the Mengku. Apricot, every so slightly soft mouth feel. Classic Mengku astringency. Do not push this out unless you have twisted masochistic tendencies with bitterness. If you like to drink Mengku as a daily but don’t want to pay out Da Shu money…it’s here. 

All cake wrappers are airbrushed by us using food grade paint. As designs are hand made there may be small differences meaning all wrappers are unique!

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100g cake, 20g


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