2013 ‘Fangyuan’ Bulang ‘Gushu’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


BIG peach/apricot stone-fruit notes. A high level material Bulang production


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Guangdong stored since 2013 but the ‘brutal Bulang’ cake doesn’t seem to exhibit strong signs of this (taste wise). The ‘Fangyuan’ production is badged up as a ‘Gushu’ but apon tasting and given the keen price point, i very much doubt it is! This aside, the (what i believe it to be) Da Shu or Gushu/Da Shu blend production is actually very good! Aroma of peach/apricot. Flavour is mellow to start but builds to a very overt, apricot/stone fruity number! Infusion 2 onward offers a fulfilling apricot/peach taste that just carries. Lingering bitterness and returning sweetness noticeable.

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100g, 25g, 357g Cake, 50g


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