2012 Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory) Pu Zhi Wei Ripe Pu Erh Tea Cake


A great Ripe from the most famous Pu erh factory….in the world!


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This Ripe blend from the famous Menghai Tea Factory was first released in 2009 and has been well received. As with most of Dayi’s Ripe offerings this is a blend of both  2011 Menghai area & more aged Menghai material creating a deeper more pleasant tea from the get go. Average grade 5 leaves. Careful Guangdong storage has rounded out this Ripe nicely. If you’ve tried many of Dayi’s Ripes you will find this offering to be a kind of (middle ground), not too tippy, not to powerful, a good all rounder.

Batch 201.

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