2010 Bangwei Gushu Raw Puerh Tea Cake (Guangdong storage)


This tea has surrendered to time and humidity creating a well stored, aged Gushu with complexity.


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Bangwei area and Bangwei Mountain is a prestigious area that has been left largely unexplored by the west. It lays in the Lancang region of Simao. Bangwei is home some of the largest Gushu gardens in Lancang and to a ‘reportedly’ 1700 year old tea tree! Rumour has it that some Bangwei will end up being blended into Lao Ban Zhang material. This tea is 100% gushu material of Bangwei area and has surrendered to time and humidity creating a well stored, aged Sheng with complexity. Browned colour of the leafs and slight earth on the nose of the dry leaf you can be sure this is GD storage. The aroma off the rinse is acute earthiness / forest floor (not musty) with a light, syrup sweetness. Bitterness zero for the 1st steep while being Smooth. Flavour of earth / forest floor is playing center stage but not over bearing. Steep2 offers a deeper colour. I’m noticing at first a slight herbal aftertaste that moves to an almost Rioja like oak. Steep 3 this tea is full on earthy forest floor, bitterness level 1, herbal aftertaste more apparent. Infusion 4 sees the overt storage taste drop down, bitterness raised slightly and sweetness starts to pop. Further steepings shows expensive sweetness, changing characteristics. good chi and a salivating mouth feel! the tea is extremely infusable 20-30 steeps no problem!

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