2009 Charcoal Roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong


Charcoal Roast’s are very rare. 9 years old, Packed full of Charcoal roasted complexity!


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With the tendency for producers preferring to knock out greener Oolongs in large volume rather than smaller batch roasts, the artisan Oolong roaster is left twiddling his thumbs these days. It takes careful skill to create a great roasted Oolong and unfortunately teas like this are increasingly being left by the weyside and becoming more of a rarity! This Oolong sitting at 8 years old was sourced by us while on our 2017 tea trip to Guangdong China. In general a tea like this would have started life as a green Oolong. After the first year it would have been roasted in a fashion similar to our Monkey Pick Oolong. The tea would be re roasted every couple of years until after around 6\7 years later it would have been (finished) with a charcoal roast. Oolongs resting in more humid areas need to be re roasted every now and then to help keep the tea dry and stop it from spoiling (tasting sour). The charcoal roast has given this tea a new breath of life. The tea is full of complex roasted notes. The charcoal is pretty front and center without it being too overbearing. The roast makes this Oolong very infusable if the drinker wishes. Living in most of Europe and other less humid parts of the world you don’t need to worry about re roasting Oolongs. Our dry environment offers the perfect place to age Oolong tea!

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  1. sven.sch.29 (verified owner)

    really good quality, soft, creamy, nice roted notes, only short finish and aftertaste – some charcoal remains in the mouth. Nice fragrance.

  2. Nagy Szilard – Istvan (verified owner)

    This is a very good aged roasted oolong, you need to use a lot of leaf, I use around 8 grams to a 120 ml water (aged oolongs need more leaf, they are forgiving), with a yixing pot, and hot water, first infusion 30 seconds, second 20 sec, and after that 45 s, 1 min, 2 min, 3 min., I really push this tea, but it is smooth with nice aged aroma, I also use a sniffing cup, and it has a cocoa/coffee aroma, and sweet burned sugar caramel smell, good huigan, and relaxing body sensation, good on an empty stomach, and in the evening, it is a mellow relaxing tea. Sofar this is my favourite aged oolong from the tea guru (I tried all of them the 2005 DD, 2007 DD, 2013 AliShan and 2009 TGY).

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