2006 Yang Pin Hao ‘8336’ Raw Puerh Cake (Wetter Storage)


A solid ‘wetter stored’ offering from Guangdong. Mushroom, tobacco & forest floor.


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PLEASE NOTE: Cake wrappers have been damaged by bamboo worm…Just the way we like it!!

A blend of Spring 2006 Nan Nuo & Bu Lang material.  Guangdong wetter storage. There is a mustiness in the early stages that some people may not like but is palatable and I actually prefer to flash rinse & enjoy. No way near a hyper musty offering at all. Early stages (steeps 1-3) will show the storage taste along side mushroom and tobacco notes, Sweetness and tobacco starts to pop steep 3 and over. The tea has a hanging bitterness that is more apparent earlier on, the broth is consistently smooth through out. A fair amount of Cha Qi is noticeable.

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100g, 25g, 357g Cake, 50g



  1. Lee Milne (verified owner)

    Everything the man said! I’m not familiar with wetter stored teas, but this is super clean and a joy to drink.
    Reminds me of a mild ripe pu erh. Soft forest floor/mushroom with a nice bitter/sweet lingering, aged after taste. Very infusable and in a word – more-ish! I got it yesterday and am on my second session already.
    A geat tea at what I consider good value for tea of this age.

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