2006 Aged White Fuding Shou Mei Tea Cake ”Mrs Guru’s Favourite White Tea”


A super expressive tea, sweet, fruity and Complex!


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Aged White tea can be very sweet, fruity and expressive, this offering is no exception! The cake was sourced in Guangdong (China) on our 2018 tea trip. The material is 2006 Fuding Shou Mei, pressed into cake form in 2013. The flavour is full on red berries and fruity sweetness, a touch of ‘medicine’ taste that comes with age. The cake has a noticeable touch of natural Guangdong storage which adds to the complexity of the tea. For best results and a complete flavour bomb we recommend brewing & drinking gong fu for 3 steeps then boiling up the leafs with around 400ml of water for five minutes or so! Boiling wont create any unwanted bitterness at all, you’ll have a super concentrated broth of sweet, fruity goodness! sooo good!

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  1. Michael (verified owner)

    This is the first aged white tea I have tasted.
    Brewing method:
    After a quick wash, I had prepared three gong fu style steepings (using hot water), then continued brewing those leaves in 400 ml hot water, as suggested by Tea Guru. Worked well. Very uncomplicated tea.
    To me, it tastes like a combination of an aged dark roasted oolong and the fruityness from a well balanced and mild ripe puerh.
    Very soft and gentle, in the beginning. No bitterness. Very balanced top notes, to my taste.
    Deep body, round and not aggressive; long aftertaste. Slightly drying the mouth, afterwards.
    First flavor and fragrance associations:
    Honey, mild Burbon; fruity notes following in the aftertaste: ripe gooseberries; plum-like sensation on the sides of the tongue.
    Side effects:
    None to me, so far. I had no problems enjoying this tea in the evening as well as on an empty stomach.
    Overall impression:
    Very gentle but deep, well balanced, long lasting flavor.

  2. lee (verified owner)

    This is my first white tea of this age and I wasn’t dissapointed 😆
    1st, forget what you think you know about white tea. I have had to…
    The dry leaves have a very nice raspberry aroma, which is lovely. The wet leaves have more complicated smell; berries, aged tea and it’s very intense! The taste is just amazing! Very sweet, again the berries are popping in the sides of the mouth and super smooth lubricating mouthfeel.
    I have been on an afternoon tea tasting session with 2 other teas from the guru, so not sure if it’s a combination thing, but I am quite tea drunk! Very mellow with an intensely grounding body feeling. I am going to try more aged white tea for sure!
    Mrs Guru, you have excellent taste! Thanks 😎

  3. Alex Antrobus (verified owner)

    I wrote my tasting notes down as I was drinking this tea for the second time as I got so tea high the first time that it got muddled up in my head! YMMV but this one hits me haaarrrrd.

    This is a really complex tea and a good challenge for someone who is not into fermented teas as there are similar woody, aged notes but toned down.

    The look of the wet leaf is strikingly dark.

    Nose, Dry Leaf:

    – plum pudding
    – musky aged aroma

    Nose, Wet Leaf;

    – aged aroma stronger but sweeter
    – deeper fruit, malt loaf
    – wet wood


    – medium to thick
    – smooth and well rounded


    – strong maltiness
    – light tobacco
    – fresher plum notes, plum skin (mild, not tart)
    – damp wood
    – pear


    – long
    – gentle, not too drying
    – lubricating, slightly creamy
    – subtle lasting bitterness
    – dryness much stronger in the throat than the mouth

    Empty Cup:

    – malted cereals
    – manuka honey

    Chi/Body Sensation/Mental Effects:

    – very pronounced
    – gentle energy rising from the core, no jitters
    – body high felt when breathing
    – random giggles, giddiness
    – social anxiety eased
    – mild dissociation (focus wandering, easily mesmerised)
    – relaxed, centred
    – drowsiness in the eyes
    – meditative, inner monologue quieted

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